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If you have a lower value quote from another company, please let us know that we have lowered our price below your quote


Campervan Confort Plus Luxury

Peugeot Boxer Blue Hdi 2.2 140hp Confort Plus Luxury Very comfortable, spacious and luxurious 6 sleeping and traveling places, bathroom with hot shower, 3-burner stove, TV,

Confort Eco

Fiat Ducato 2.0 hdi 115cv (diesel) Size: L1H2 Confort Eco Economical, simple, comfortable and the best price Up to 6 seats for travel and overnight accommodation

Confort Plus

Fiat Ducato 2.3 hdi 130cv (diesel) Size: L3H2 Confort Plus The best comfort, space and equipment at the best price Campervan with 5 places to sleep


Fiat Ducato 2.0 hdi 115 cv (diesel) Size: 5,31M L2H2 Confort The best comfort at the best price Campervan with 5 seats and travel up to

Opinions of some adventurers

It’s normal to have some doubts. You can check these 2 testimonials. 

This travelers opinion were particulary special, hope they come back for more adventures!

Amazing 3 weeks in Portugal.

“We had a wonderful time with this campervan, travelling 3 weeks through whole Portugal. The bus was very well equipped and almost brand new. Antonio was very friendly and helpful and the pick-up and drop-of worked very well. We had just to tell him where we want to be dropped of.”

Hermine Petz


“We had a fabulous time in our campervan and would have loved to keep it for longer! Antonio was very helpful and thorough – he was happy to meet us at convenient locations for pick up and drop off, called or messaged every couple of days to check everything was ok, and provided maps and great advice on where to stay. I would highly recommend Campervan Portugal.”

Kate Saunders


Here are some frequently asked questions:

Who can rent our Campervans?

All people over 21 years , with category B driving license for at least two years .


All our insurance options include liability in accordance with the legislation in force and own damage.

The 1st option, insurance is included in the rental price is a deposit of € 1500.00, this option allows to travel outside Portugal, However we have two more insurance options

The 2nd option, Balanced option , however for more € 12.00 / day, the Hirer reduces the security deposit to €900. This option allows to travel outside Portugal, allows 2 drivers, includes extra windscreen coverage

The 3rd option  VIP insurance , for more € 20.00 / day has a more complete option , the Hirer reduces the security deposit to €500. This option includes occupants insurance, unlimited additional driver tax for free and includes a tire coverage insurance too, this option allows to travel outside Portugal

Break isolated glasses – for € 6.00 / day , if you do not subscribe the the 3rd  insurance option, you can choose to include glasses on insurance.

Subscription of an additional driver – 5,00 € / day

Drivers under 25 and over 65 years adds 50 % to the value of the security deposit, may not the maximum value of the collateral exceeds € 2,000.00.

For Reservation

For booking you have to transfer to our bank account 50 % of the total rental.

The remaining 50 % should be transfered within 5 working days before starting the trip with our campervan, however you could pay by credit card or cash in the check in day.

Passage of campervan in highways tolls

Our campervans are equiped with a eletrónic device for do not stop on the highways tolls and portics.

This eletrónic device is sole responsibility of the holdeer of the lease, being outstanding amount charge in the check out act.

Delivery and collection of the campervan out of our office

We can also make your airport transfer to our offices for free for rental over 4 days: Quinta José Castelo, Quinta da Marquesa I 2950-678 Quinta do anjo GPS N 38.594000º W 8.99000º

Pick up /drop off at Lisbon have an extra cost of € 30,00

Transfers from Lisbon for rentals less than 5 days have a cost of €20,00.

We also collect and deliver your campervan anywhere in Europe under conditions to match.

Delivery / collection at Porto – € 180.00 / trip

Delivery / collection in Faro – € 140.00 / trip

Delivery / collection in Madrid – € 250.00 / trip *

Delivery / collection in Barcelona – € 500.00 / trip *

* These values ​​may change according to fluctuations in fuel prices and air fares.

What year are our campervans?

Our Campervans are between 2015 and 2017

What is the capacity and number of beds of our Campervans?

The traveling capacity is 5 or 6 people (Comfort Eco) and 2 double beds or 2 double beds + 1 indvidual (Comfort Plus)

How big are our Campervans?

The height is 2.60m, the width is 2.05m and the length varies between 4.96m and 5.99m, depending on the model chosen.

Do your Campervans have a refrigerator or only 12v glacier like the other companies?

All our campervans are equipped with a refrigerator of 60L at 12v / 220v / gas or 100L of compressor at 12v (model Comfort Plus)

Are there additional hidden fees?

There are additional charges only if the customer so wishes:

We deliver the campervan clean inside and out, with the tank of clean water and diesel fuel full and with the empty waste water tank, if you return the motorhome as the received will not be charged additional fees (cleaning – € 100.00, toilet Not empty or not clean – 70.00 or tank of fuel not filled – 30,00 € + missing fuel value).

Delays in the agreed time for check in / check out have an extra charge of € 30.00 / hour.

Check in / check out outside our hours of operation (9am – 6pm) or outside our facilities has an additional fee of € 30.00;
Delivery / reception from 10:00 pm to midnight – € 60.00;
Delivery / reception between 00h00 and 06h00 – € 90,00

Payments via Paypal have extra fees = 3.55% (within the EU), 3.99% (USA), 4.55% (European states but outside the EU), 4.99% (outside Europe)

Payments with credit card and international debit card has an extra charge = 1.95%.

The transfer of the motorhome on the motorways with the toll road or on the portals is the sole responsibility of the owner of the rental, and the amount owed is charged after the check out = € 5.00 + value in debt + 1.95%.

Security deposit

What is the deposit?

The security deposit corresponds to the insurance deductible and matches the liability in case of accident, the car theft, damage inside the campervan or estravio of existing equipment in it .

How is security deposit made?

The security deposit is held preferably in credit card may, however also take place in debit card.

The security deposit is held at the time of check in the campervan.

We wont take any money from your card. Just bring a valid credit card and ceiling on the day of raising the campervan, and we will just place the value of the deposite in your card.

Optional Extras

You can also hire more extra equipment such as GPS , mobile TV , bicycles, surfboards, surf suits, etc.

See also our optional equipment on our website, on the page of the extras in

We also have a counseling service in planning your vacation completely free . We advise places to visit, tourist attractions , monuments, castles, palaces , museums , beaches, mountains , nature reserves, tourist routes , where to eat , what to eat , advising on wine, where to spend the night , etc.

Additional fees

We deliver the campervan clean inside and outside, with the tank of clean water full, the diesel tank full and the tank of residual water empty.

If you return the campervan as received will not be charged additional fees (cleaning – € 100.00, toilet not empty or not clean – €70.00 or the fuel tank not full – € 30.00 + value of the missing fuel).

Pick up / drop off the campervan on Sunday or out of our office hours have, delay to pick up / drop off the campervan have a extra fee of €30,00.

Payments by Paypal have an extra fee = 3,55%. (UE); 3,99% (USA and Europe outside EU); 4,99%; outside Europe;

Payments by international crédit/débit card have an extra fee = 1,95%.

Cancellation policy

Up to 1 month before starting the trip with the camper is entitled to reimbursement of the total amount of the rental.

Between 1 month and 15 days before starting the journey is entitled to reimbursement of 50 % of the total rental.

Delivery and collection of the campervan out of hours

The campers can be raised and delivered on our office, Monday to Sunday from 09h until 20h (from April until September) and from 8h until 18h (from October until March) with no extra charge.

If you want to collect / deliver your vehicle outside normal working hours, have a fee of 30.00 € .

Payment conditions

We only guarantee the reservation of the campervan by paying 50 % of the total rental.

The payment of the camper rental is done by 50% on booking and the remaining amount up to 7 days before the booking date, thus we guarantee that your vehicle will be reserved for your requested dates.

As forms of rental payment we accept bank transfer, MB, VISA or Mastercard and PayPal, with the reservation will only be effective upon receipt .

At the pickup act, we will need a valid credit card as a guarantee for the security of it.

However we will not withdraw any amount from the card, the value of the collateral will be captive on your card.

It is advisable to carefully read our terms and conditions of rental.

What is the motorization, power, gearbox and consumption of your motorhomes?

Our campervans are all Fiat Ducato.

We have 2 powertrains: 2.0 Multijet 115cv, 5 speeds, consumption from 7.2L / 100kms and 2.3 Multijet, 130cv, 6 speeds, consumptions of 7.8 L / 100kms

Do our Campervans have a hot shower?

The Confort and Comfort plus models have a 10L gas boiler, therefore, completely independent from outside power/camping sites, there is the 220v, dependent on outdoor power/campsites.

How many nozzles does the stove have in your motor homes and what autonomy?

All our campervans are equipped with 2 gas burners and gas stove for the whole trip.

Are our Campervans equipped with a bathroom?

The Comfort and Comfort Plus models have a bathroom with hot shower, washbasin and chemical toilet, the Confort Eco model has a chemical toilet and an outside shower.

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