Dutch family had holydays in west coast with Campervan Portugal

Dutch family had holydays in west coast with Campervan Portugal

Dutch family had holydays in west coast with Campervan Portugal

On the west coast

Yvonne, Jansen and his 2 year old son, Dutch wanted to return to Portugal to know the north west coast, two years after they met south and west coast of the Algarve.

There’s nothing better to know the beaches of Portugal than renting a campervan Campervan of Portugal.

That’s what made our Dutch family, did a thorough research on campervans hire companies in Portugal and found the Campervan Portugal – campervan rental.

What made our dutch family decide to spend holidays with Campervan Portugal – campervan hire in Portugal?

Was the fact that they have a new campers fleet, well equipped, ready to deliver and collect the campervan anywhere in the country, the flexibility and the most competitive prices in the market.

It was all very simple, Yvonne put all the questions, the Campervan Portugal proved to be always available and clearly answered all questions.

Our friends booked the campervan Confort with VIP insurance, with a bébe travel chair, bed linen, bathroom towels, all offer Campervan Portugal, transferring 50% of the total rental to our bank account, even rented a surfboard and on May 15 had the campervan at Lisbon airport at 9.00 am.

Our friends enjoyed the free counseling service in the vacation planning to decide who would visit beaches for surfing, having helped them a lot because they had very idea of going north and thanks to our advice, focused more on the beaches the center of the country, as were the beaches that gather the most favorable conditions for surfing in accordance with the characteristics of our guests.

They had an unforgettable vacation and on the 29th returned the campervan at Porto airport at 6 am.

They were very satisfy with Camparvan Hire Portugal services, so they will hire them again.


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