Experience with my kids in a campervan rental

Experience with my kids in a campervan rental

I have two kids ages 10 and 12, and on a weekend surfing the internet I saw a motorhome rental ad and I thought, this might be a good idea to distract the boys. So I went to a site that I was recommended, the motorhome rental company Campervan Portugal, I visualized the models they have, I chose the Confort model because it took care of what we needed and I asked for a budget with the dates of my college days and my work.

Papa my surprise, they had responded in less than an hour, the requested date was available and they could make the payment. That’s what I did, I paid right off before something unexpected happened and I would end up delaying the boys’ vacations again.

I chose to take the campervan for the location of the company that is near Lisbon and also near Setúbal, because I wanted to spend at least one day at Setúbal Beach and then go to a camping site in Lisbon.

On the first day at the beach, the boys loved it because I was able to park the van very close and as soon as they woke up they did not want to eat breakfast, they ran out to play in the sand and water. At lunch time they returned to the van, as I like to cook I even made the lunch that included steak and chips, which they like the most. After getting enough of eating we decided to sleep a little until laziness passed.

The afternoon as the sun was breaking, more beach. At dusk we returned to the rental campervan we ate and we lay down early, because the next day we would leave early for the camping site.

We left early for Lisbon, took a bit of traffic on the way, but when they arrived at the park the boys had a party, because they could not wait to get the bikes off the stand, when they took off they did not come down on them all day.

And I took my chair and put it there in the shade trees and spent the day relaxing and reading. The other morning we went to see the park which was very large and enjoy what we had to offer.

All very good, but when it comes time to leave, it is very painful, because when it is pleasant time passes so quickly, but unfortunately we have to go back to our normal routine.

But without a doubt it was an amazing experience that I recommend to all families, and I definitely recommend Campervan Portugal to anyone looking for a campervan or rental motorhome!


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