My Experience in Motorhome Rentals in Portugal

My Experience in Motorhome Rentals in Portugal

I started making the budget for the site, which is very easy and intuitive, I chose the dates the model of the Van I wanted, because I wanted a more spacious, for me, my wife and my two children, shower bathroom with hot water, solar panel, some extra things, such as internet, bicycles and how good Brazilian could not stop asking for a barbecue because I chose a campervan to have all the freedom to drive where you want freedom and are much more economical, unlike the conventional motorhomes that are very large , difficult to drive, to park and spend a lot of diesel.

At the time I requested the reservation, I was given the answer that there was availability for those dates and asked me to deposit half of the rent, however I had the chance to pay by credit card, Western Union, Moneygral and Paypal but as a friend of mine had already rented with the same company previously I did not worry and I went to arrange the transfer, I sent the proof of the transfer and soon they already confirmed my reservation, now it was just to wait the day of the trip.

On the day that I arrived in Lisbon early, they picked me up with a company car and took me to their premises, which was about 40 minutes from the airport, arriving at the place we checked in and bureaucracies of praxe, we conferred to Van (Campervan) and already leaves driving to my destination that was the Algarve region.

Near the company headquarters I spent in a supermarket and I already stocked the refrigerator with beer and my picanha, ready, next stop Portinho da Arrábida beach with lots of fresh water and cold beer, was what I was planning for months, beautiful place as well as speak and as we saw on the internet, we parked the Campervan and went to enjoy the sun, at the end of the day there at 7 pm, we took the van and we looked for a more quiet place to park to sleep.

The next day my wife and I woke up early, made the coffee and we took the table that we put out of the rental motorhome because it was a very cool day and we went to another beach and so we went down the coast Vincente to the Algarve, visited some beaches near there even, and it was so almost every day, much sun, beach, sand, sea and much tranquility that was what we were looking for.

After 7 days it was the deadline we booked the motorhome for rent, we chose to deliver it in Faro even as we were going to catch a flight there. When the employee arrived to receive the campervan back was the worst part of the trip, then we realized that our vacation was over, but okay, because we already decided that we will do it again, the next we will know the north of Portugal that we also hear speak quite well.

So we stayed here and until the next, I hope soon.

Alexander and family


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