Rental motorhome trip with Mom

Rental motorhome trip with Mom

A long time ago I was planning to take a trip with my mother, if possible it was in the middle of nature, that was when I came up with the idea of ​​making motorhome or campervan rentals, as this way I could visit several places in the same vacation.

I did not say anything to my mother and as soon as I booked my vacation I already contacted the Campervans rental company, which in this case was Campervan Portugal and I booked my own, as only my mother and I decided to take an intermediary that has a bathroom and Hot water but not so big.

When I told my mom that we were going to travel on a Campervan she didn’t even believe it, she was very happy, but a little suspicious because I had never seen a Campervan before, I told her that they were very well equipped and that I didn’t have to worry.

The day we took the motorhome from the company headquarters, my mother immediately said that they were really well-equipped and that she had no idea she could cook inside the rental Campervan and that the beds were quite spacious.

Finally we left and went to the first destination that pleases me most, in this case a quieter beach to catch some sun. We spent a day and a night and the next day early we left for the next destination, this time with a little more green, because my mother loves nature, after visiting some campsites we decided to camp in one of them, because it had a great structure and several activities to do, besides being near the forest.

After two days camping, as was our plans, we went to our last destination, the Fatima Sanctuary, because it was my mother’s dream to know and when she got there she was so thrilled that it took almost half an hour to get out of the van.

We visited all the sights in the surroundings and the next day we soon left. It was the best vacation of my life, because I met beautiful places and still realized a dream of my Mother.



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