Why you should visit Portugal in a campervan

Why you should visit Portugal in a campervan

Why you should visit Portugal in a campervan


The best way to visit is to hire a campervan Portugal. For us just have advantages, a holiday with us is cheaper, more convenient, cheaper and more comfortable.

The tourist to hire a campervan has only advantages because rents have 4 in 1: sleeping up to 5 people, kitchen, bathroom and car for 5 people. If you hire one of our campers will save more than 50% of that spend in hotels, restaurants and car. Our campers have 2 double beds and comfortable, fully equipped kitchen to start cooking, bathroom with chemical toilet, washbasin and hot shower, all pulled by very economical new engines. There is nothing better than visiting northern Portugal to the south without having to change hotels without having to make or break bags or take or put the luggage in the car constantly.

With our hired campervans you can stop wherever you want to take a picture, read a book, rest, eat a meal or stay overnight. Furthermore the economy of our campervans is unbeatable, because we have campervans for rent with consumption from 4,6L / 100km, thanks to the latest generation engines hdi since 1600 cm3 and 90cv. The assisted steering and manual 5-speed gearbox of our vehicles and the bimorph suspension, parking sensors and air conditioning, together with the high range of mattresses of two double beds and bathroom with hot shower, give the our campervans a high level of comfortability.

What more seeking tourists in Portugal?

Whoever comes to Portugal, comes looking for the hospitality of the Portuguese has also search over 900kms of beaches, the biggest waves in the world, more than 300 days of sunshine, the more than 800 years of history, more than 600 castles and forts , over 110 palaces, its 22 parks and nature reserves, 2 protected landscapes, more than 80 hills, 12 rivers Portuguese, the 20 cables, 10 lakes, 27 local Unesco World Heritage Site, the 3 elements representative of the intangible heritage of humanity, …

To visit these sites scattered Portugal nothing better than hire a campervan in Portugal, versatile, agile, economic and comfortable. Why not read a book sitting in front of the room in Santo André Lagoon, cook a meal in the Peneda-Geres Natural Park, drinking fresh water from that source just next door, sleep to the sound of the Nazaré beach waves, to stop side of the temple of Diana to take a picture or even pass through the cable of S. Vincente advantage to rest a little drink a warm tea or freshly baked.

Our campervans to hire in Portugal come to any side or close to everywhere where you want to go or where you want to go, whether the summit of a mountain, the mouth of a river, the end of a cable, the edge of a beach, or the center of a city with ease, agility, economy and comfort of a family car, with the advantage of having everything you need in your campervan, including your room, your kitchen to confecionar meals you want and when you want and your bathroom with hot shower.


28 September, 2018
Just want to say before hiring the car you should read the receipt.
30 September, 2018
I really want to know which company provide best services for the car rental.
30 September, 2018
I really like to car rental they provide the car in the budget.

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